Introducing FubuMVC.AutoComplete

In my previous post, I introduced FubuMVC.Validation and the power of the “drop in Bottles” found in FubuMVC. Today, I’m happy to continue that series by introducing FubuMVC.AutoComplete.

This is a simplistic demonstration but I want to make note of two things:

  1. I didn’t have to change any of my markup or write any javascript
  2. I didn’t have to write an endpoint to serve up the JSON data for the jquery plugin

About Josh Arnold

Josh is team lead at Extend Health and a principal developer on the Fubu-family of frameworks. He is a proud husband, terrified but excited father, passionate software guy and coach, closet musician, aspiring man of God, and a perpetual learner.
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  • Travis Higley

    Thinking out loud here, but I noticed it depends on JQueryUI, what if there was a way to have this use a different UI Framework, for example Twitter.Bootstrap (FubuMVC.TwitterBootstrap?).

    • jmarnold


      This is pretty tied to JQueryUI at the moment. The code is so simple that I don’t even know if it’s worth abstracting to share much between a Bootstrap version. That said, if there’s a lot of interest in a bootstrap (or other) version, I’d happily help out.

  • Alex Henning Johannessen

    Very nice one Josh :)

  • Looks awesome. But I don’t quite get it – does AutoComplete depend on Validation or its just an html convention?

    • jmarnold

      No dependency at all. The OverridesFor class is in FubuMVC.Core. Is that what you were referring to?

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