Another great JavaScript article

Sorry all, I’ll probably be over this JavaScript tear soon enough, but now that I’ve given the language another glance it has really caught my eye this time.  I can only explain my recent engagement with the language as a total re-discovery.  I’ve done some js OO before in the past, but looking at the language completely outside of a web development context has really helped my make a paradigm shift.  It’s been kind of like when I was scripting in sed then discovered perl.

Here’s a really good js article:

 I couldn’t agree more with the author, Simon Willison, when he says “…JavaScript has a reasonable claim to being the world’s most misunderstood programming language.” 

Again, the author focuses on js from a web developer viewpoint, but I really think its potential is undervalued when it comes to using the language as a tool for system tools.  I just have to find a better way of managing script libraries…

C# -> JavaScript