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Joe had asked me recently if I thought I might want to make a tool that compiles C# into JavaScript.  I might want to futs with something like that, but fortunately I don’t have to any time soon.  There’s already a tool called script# that does just that.  This is a pet project of Nikhil Kothari and is definitely a must see.  I plan on messing with this in the near future with the goal of covering client code with nunit testing and rendering the business rules related client side scripts during the build.

 Here’s a link to the project: http://projects.nikhilk.net/Projects/ScriptSharp.aspx

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2 Responses to C# -> JavaScript

  1. Steve says:

    How did it go?

    Quite honestly, I’d rather use jQuery. Using C# to make javascript seems rather ‘wrong’

    Now, if I could get ‘resharper-like’ javascript intellisense, etc… in my visual studio… that would be a tool worth developing :)

  2. jlockwood says:


    I imagine there’s something like that in the form of an Eclipse plugin, but I haven’t devled into it yet. Personally I haven’t had too many problems with JavaScript work when using jsUnit along with my projects. The early feedback from the unit tests has been super helpful in avoiding issues.

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