Discovering Open Source:

As open source gains more and more traction in the .NET space everywhere, a common question that keeps coming up is “How can I help?” To answer that question, a growing number of projects are tagging specific bugs and feature … Continue reading 

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Review: Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials How-to

I was recently offered a review copy of Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials How-to, presumably because I’m vocal about Mercurial being my backup DVCS of choice. Or something. So I worked my way through its 51 pages looking to fill … Continue reading 

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Announcing posh-tf

As you may or may not know, I’ve been a fan of Git for a while now. I’ve hacked on an implementation of it, I’ve presented on it, I’ve even built a PowerShell environment for it that’s used by at … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Web API List Parameter Binding

We chased our tails on this a bit today, so hopefully someone finds this useful. The Problem Your action needs to accept a list of primitives but your list parameter (of type T[], IEnumerable<T>, List<T>, etc) always comes back null. … Continue reading 

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posh-git v0.4

I figure a year between releases is plenty, so I’ve tagged a v0.4 release of posh-git. Really the notion of versions for a bunch of scripts on which noone depends seems a bit silly…if a feature seems to be missing, … Continue reading 

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posh-git on Herding Code

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to record an episode of Herding Code with GitHubbers Paul Betts and Phil Haack on the state of Git for Windows: Herding Code 132. Topics included discussions on why Git hates developers and … Continue reading 

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Los Techies at CodeMash

Every January a swarm of geeks descend on the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH for CodeMash, a top-notch cross-platform, family-friendly developer conference. This year’s event features an impressive session list including presentations by Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet, Glenn Block of … Continue reading 

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Git Beyond the D in DVCS

Jimmy’s post is a nice reminder of the advantages of a distributed version control system. But having ramped up on Git primarily through git-svn, I thought it would be worth enumerating some of the advantages I’ve found just in my … Continue reading 

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Allowing a Windows Service to Interact with Desktop without LocalSystem

One of the biggest roadblocks with getting automated browser tests (we use WatiN) running in a Windows Continuous Integration environment is figuring out how to let the build server interact with the desktop. Typically there have been two options: Don’t … Continue reading 

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posh-git Release v0.3

On a whim, I’ve decided to tag a v0.3 release of posh-git (which has been stable for a few months now). In this release… Installer Previously the setup process for posh-git was undefined. Daniel Hoelbling was kind enough to put … Continue reading 

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