Introducing LazyLinq: Overview

This is the first in a series of posts on LazyLinq, a wrapper to support lazy initialization and deferred disposal of a LINQ query context, including LINQ to SQL’s DataContext: Introducing LazyLinq: Overview Introducing LazyLinq: Internals Introducing LazyLinq: Queryability Simplifying … Continue reading 

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Using IDisposables with LINQ

Objects that implement IDisposable are everywhere. The interface even gets its own language features (C#, VB, F#). However, LINQ throws a few wrenches into things: LINQ’s query syntax depends on expressions; using blocks are statements. When querying a sequence of … Continue reading 

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Improve Your Code Golf Game with LINQ

I always enjoy a good coding challenge, and variations of code golf are most common. For the uninitiated, code golf provides a problem with the objective of providing a solution that requires the fewest keystrokes or lines. While production code … Continue reading 

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Keith Habla Code

First off, a big thanks to Chris Missal and the other Techies for a warm welcome. I’ve been blogging solo for a little over a year now, mostly on various SharePoint development topics with a few PowerShell and general .NET … Continue reading 

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