Thoughts on Hiring Developers

Gabriel posted this rant regarding his frustration with trying to find the right developer talent for positions that we were trying fill. At the time, I was the final decision maker regarding these interview candidates, so I thought I would … Continue reading 

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Big Software Rewrites

It is well known that big software rewrites are often failures. They fail because they always look easier than they really turn out to be. To replace a system that has been around for years is likely to take years … Continue reading 

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.NET Software Developer Position in Austin

  We’re currently looking for an outstanding individual to fill an open position on our development team. You can find the ad on our web site at I’ve also posted it below for convenience: TOPAZ Technologies is an established leader in … Continue reading 

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Fluent Silverlight – Auto Wiring INotifyPropertyChanged

In Gabriel’s introductory post for Fluent Silverlight, he showed that the code typically associated with implementing INotifyPropertyChanged can be reduced to a simple auto property. This can really improve the clarity of a large class as well as save some … Continue reading 

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Simple Code Navigation with ReSharper

Here’s a quick 5 minute screen cast that demonstrates how you can use ReSharper to get where you want to be in your code. If you haven’t tried ReSharper yet, I highly recommend that you download the free trial and … Continue reading 

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Don’t Waste The Time We Have Now

I almost titled this “Get Things Done” but this post is not about how to do things. This post is about minimizing waste associated with distractions from non work related activities. I’m talking about things like Instant Messenger, Twitter, Skype, … Continue reading 

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Pablo welcomes Gabriel Schenker

I’m happy to announce that Gabriel Schenker has accepted an invitation to join Los Techies. You may know Gabriel as the man behind the NHibernate FAQ Blog or contributor to many of the software related community lists. He is an … Continue reading 

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PTOM: The Composite Design Pattern

The Composite Design Pattern This post talks about the Composite Design Pattern and is part of Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns. A Composite is a tree structure where each node can be represented as a common … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns

Pablo’s Topic of the Month – November: Design Patterns Back in April, we announced we would be doing a PTOM on Design Patterns. It turned out that April was a busy month for all of us and we didn’t live … Continue reading 

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Udi’s SOA Class Made Me Smart

Chris challenged me to write a post showing how smart I am after taking the class. While I know that “made me smart” is completely unbelievable, I did manage learn a great deal. I’m slow to getting around to this … Continue reading 

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