Come see my Boo talk at Alamo Coders on the 14th

UPDATE: added links for video, slides and source

Subject: Boo: The Extensible Little Language On The CLR You’ve Never Heard Of.

When: Wednesday April 14th at 5:45pm

Where: New Horizons In San Antonio map


I will be covering Boo basics, advanced features, and building a small domain specific language.


slides and source code are at .sorry keynote for now when final touches are made will export to PDF.

video will be taken and placed on vimeo at .

About Ryan Svihla

I consider myself a full stack polyglot, and I have been writing a lot of JS and Ruby as of late. Currently, I'm a solutions architect at DataStax
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  • KevDog

    If it works out, any chance you could post a video of the talk (or slides if you’re using them)?

    Many thanks,


  • @KevDog
    Absolutely, I will post slides and code samples.
    We’re working on getting video but no promises.