Building a slack bot with botkit node and docker

Recently I have needed to dig deeper into node and docker.  I decided to make a slack bot (easy to do) so that the problem being solved didn’t require additional learning (making bots is fun).  I ended up finding botkit … Continue reading 

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Are you learning Docker yet

I went to a docker meetup last week many weeks ago (just now hitting publish).  It was sort of a town hall panel discussion where four guys with loads of docker experience were fielding questions and responding from their experience. … Continue reading 

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Testing microservices

This morning I was asked about a super high level talk I gave a while back: Grokking Microservices in 5 Minutes.  Specifically regarding the testing of microservices.  One of the more difficult parts to building tiny things that collectively form … Continue reading 

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Value Stream Map

I read an article yesterday about how SoundCloud migrated their product towards microservices.  It was the business reasoning for making that decision and the steps they went through to finally get to their goal.  It wasn’t so much about the … Continue reading 

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Developer personal time management

I find that most developers want to help out.  They like to get involved.  They enjoy rolling up their sleeves to put out fires.  They relish being seen as the person that can do magic to solve the unsolvable problems … Continue reading 

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Easy way to gain high level understanding

When I hit the ground anywhere new I go into listening mode and try to absorb as much information as possible.  I am always interested in the process to transfer information about existing systems and processes to new people.  But … Continue reading 

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Cloud Academy oh my

I have had some time off lately and have been filling that time immersing myself in all things Amazon Web Services related.  I was thinking that I might go for their cloud architect certifications…why not! I looked at some of … Continue reading 

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long time listener first time caller

Man oh man!  I have been using windows for as long as I can remember.  And I have been professionally writing software in a windows world since I got out of the military.  I have heard several times that Linux … Continue reading 

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Huge Scale Deployments

What are the best practices for supporting huge-scale deployments? How do you manage fidelity of environments and processes, monitoring, blue/green deployments and more across thousands of servers? Earlier this month, I participated in an online panel on the subject of … Continue reading 

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Speaking in Austin September 26th

I am very proud to say that I have been organizing a local tech conference – MeasureUP – that is on September 26th.  Among other things I will be there speaking on the topic of building production ready systems and … Continue reading 

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