Build your own single function keyboard

I mentioned in my last post that it took months between the time I ordered my Infinity Ergodox keyboard and the time it arrived. In the meantime, I started reading up on it, and learned that the firmware could also … Continue reading 

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Infinity ErgoDox

I’ve always been picky about my keyboard, but recently discovered an entirely new world of keyboard enthusiasts. Aaron Patterson was on the Ruby Rogues podcast talking about mechanical keyboard kits. As in, keyboards you build yourself. You pick out the … Continue reading 

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A smarter Rails url_for helper

Problem In my Rails application, I want to be able to determine a URL for any given model, without the calling code having to know the type of the model. Instead of calling post_path(@post) or comment_path(@comment), I want to just … Continue reading 

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Powerfully simple persistence: MongoDB

In my post “Great time to be a developer“, I listed MongoDB as one of the tools that made my task (track travel times for a given route) easy. This post will show you how. What do I need to … Continue reading 

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Great time to be a developer

I am in awe of the free tools available to software developers today. It is amazing how fast, and cheaply, you can turn an idea into productive code. I was so pumped by a recent experience, I decided to share. … Continue reading 

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Coordinating multiple ajax requests with jquery.when

While building a rich JavaScript application, you may get in a situation where you need to make multiple ajax requests, and it doesn’t make sense to work with the results until after all of them have returned. For example, suppose … Continue reading 

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Run QUnit tests under Continuous Integration with NQUnit

Almost three years ago, I wrote about Running jQuery QUnit tests under Continuous Integration. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in three years. You would now have a lot of trouble following my post if you use the … Continue reading 

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How to use a tool installed by Nuget in your build scripts

My last post covered tips for people creating Nuget packages. This one is important for people consuming Nuget packages. Some Nuget packages include executables in their tools folder. It is very easy to use these tools within Visual Studio because … Continue reading 

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Tips for building Nuget packages

  I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks building and consuming Nuget packages on real projects. I’ve picked up a few tips that, while not mind-blowing, should help you get beyond the simple scenarios you see … Continue reading 

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An opportunity for a viable .NET open source ecosystem

I recently started getting to know Microsoft’s Nuget package management tool. I’ll admit I was going into it expecting to be disappointed, still annoyed that it had effectively killed the nu project and marginalized OpenWrap – two projects in the … Continue reading 

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