Dovetail Hiring again

Dovetail Software is hiring developers to work on our HR Case Management SaaS app. We’re looking for smart people to help us work on some cool stuff on cutting edge technology hosted in AWS. Help us write some code, automate … Continue reading 

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Domains available

In my effort to make myself an ex-GoDaddy customer, I have 3 domains left to transfer or let expire. Two of them I’m making available to transfer to anyone who wants them (rather than letting them expire so that you … Continue reading 

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Sweet, sweet vindication

It’s been awhile since I have written an eye-poker post. I’ve been trying be more reserved, professional, and politically correct. But that basically had a cooling effect on my writing. So it’s time we turn up the heat and let … Continue reading 


Cool stuff in FubuMVC No. 2: Action Conventions

This is the second post of the FubuMVC series mentioned in the Introduction post. UPDATE: Josh Arnold (FubuMVC contributor) pointed out an error in a code sample (at the bottom about custom conventions) and that I missed another extension point … Continue reading 

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New Blogger: Ryan Rauh

I’m pleased to announce there’s a new blogger on the Los Techies blog roll: Ryan Rauh. Ryan is a high-energy guy and has his hands in a lot of new tech out there, so expect some exciting blog posts from … Continue reading 

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Code Review Quiz

I’ve been following Ayende’s series of reviews on the Microsoft N Layer App Sample V2.  His most recent post in the series explored a little bit of the data access layer in the app. Specifically, this interface (which has since … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Fiesta 2011

In case you haven’t seen John’s posts about Pablo’s Fiesta,  I suggest you check them out. That’s right, Los Techies is having the 2nd annual “Pablo’s Fiesta” open spaces conference in Austin, TX over the weekend September 30, October 1 … Continue reading 

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Cool stuff in FubuMVC No. 1: Behaviors

This is the first post of the FubuMVC series mentioned in the Introduction post. Perhaps the coolest thing about FubuMVC (and I’m not kidding when I say there’s a lot of cool stuff) is the behavior model. This fundamental concept … Continue reading 

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Cool stuff in FubuCore No. 9: Stringification

This is the ninth post of the FubuCore series mentioned in the Introduction post. It’s a funny title, but it captures the point perfectly.  What do you do when you have something (a domain entity or model object of some … Continue reading 

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Convention over lots of code

I’m in the middle of writing my last FubuCore series post before I proceed to the FubuMVC series of posts.   The post is called “Stringification” (String-eh-feh-k-shun) and it’s about using conventions to remove a lot of code that deals with … Continue reading 

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