Readable Regular Expressions Revisited

Many, many years ago (internet time), I proposed a fluent interface for composing regular expressions. People either loved the idea or hated it (or thought it was just ok). The intention was to try and tackle the opaqueness of regular … Continue reading 

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Big Visible TeamCity

Big Visible Cruise is a cool utility for adding a build information radiator to your team room. It makes your Cruise Control build status immediately clear with a large green (good) or red (bad) screen. My (admittedly limited) search for … Continue reading 

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How we handle application configuration

We recently overhauled the way we handle configurable settings within our application (server names, email addresses, polling frequencies, etc) . I’m going to present our solution below, but its new enough that I’d like to hear feedback on how others … Continue reading 

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Real World Refactoring

If you’ve ever asked, or been asked, for an example to illustrate a software design principle, you know how frustrating it can be to work with a contrived example. There is rarely any depth to the example, and it lines … Continue reading 

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Integrating a custom test runner with TeamCity

JetBrains’ TeamCity build server provides a wealth of information about the tests that are run as part of your build. If you use one of the test runners that they support out of the box, you automatically get real-time individual … Continue reading 

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Let your Inversion of Control tool work for you

If you are just starting out exploring use of an Inversion of Control tool (IoC), its very easy to go down the wrong path, and make things harder for yourself. Today I had a conversation with a bright developer who … Continue reading 

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Latest Docu builds available

Docu is a tool to create documentation out of your .NET XML comments, much in the same way we used to use NDoc. If legend has it right, it was created by the prolific James Gregory with the sole goal … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET 400 Bad Request with restricted characters

Today I had to hunt down a reported defect that said our advanced search functionality was returning a Bad Request error. On initial inspection, I was unable to reproduce the issue. After talking to our product manager, I learned that … Continue reading 

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But don’t worry, WebForms is not going away…

I got a kick out of Jeremy’s eye poke at the ASP.NET WebForms “simpler” approach to web development. In the same spirit, remember how convoluted it was to call simple JSON services from WebForms? Well, my friend and former colleague … Continue reading 

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Auto mocking Explained

What does it do? There is nothing fancy about an automocker. There is nothing scary about an automocker. An automocker is like one of those little classes we all write in order to quickly and easily create objects that we … Continue reading 

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