Simple NHibernate Example, Part 3: Initial Repository Implementation

Repositories are our central access point to pre-existing domain objects. Repositories simplify the management of the object’s life cycle and decouple the domain from data access technologies and strategies. Finally, repositories are domain level, communicating to other domain objects how … Continue reading 

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Using NHibernate 1.2 with Monorail

The current Castle distribution seems to be linked to an older version of NHibernate. To use Castle with NHibernate 1.2, I had to work from the development trunk and not from the compiled distributions. So get the latest code from … Continue reading 

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AnkhSVN (Visual Studio 2005 AddIn for connecting to Subversion)

I was in refactoring mode, preparing for my repository post, and had to move files from one location to another.Now, moving files to other directories can easily be done within the Tortoise repository browser, but the updates are not reflected … Continue reading 

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Setting up Apache with SSL on Windows (for Subversion)

Well, I finally decided to begin using Subversion rather than my usual choice, SourceGear Vault, for source code control. Vault is great, but lately I’ve been finding the need to use Subversion and well… it’s free (but certainly not without … Continue reading 

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HttpContext vs CallContext state management

Here’s an interesting thread on using these various state management techniques across threads. It was brought up as an issue by a commenter on my NHibernate post on session management. Although my examples so far appear to work because they … Continue reading 

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Simple NHibernate Example, Part 2…, the "Issue" of Identity

Before going into repositories, it is important to review the idea of identifying entities in the domain. In Domain Driven Design, by definition, an Entity is a domain object that is defined primarily by its identity. Identity will play an … Continue reading 

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Simple NHibernate Example utilizing various xDD Techniques, Part 1

I wanted to present a simple NHibernate example utilizing some techniques I’ve learned along the way. This first post will provide some domain level background. Let me know if you have any feedback, so that I can correct or extend … Continue reading 

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