A Couple of Quick Ubuntu Tips

I’m setting up an Ubuntu Jaunty install for a friend and trying to get it nice and usable. I’ll be messing more with Linux in the near future I think. Anyway, I ran across a couple of things that really … Continue reading 

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Getting up and running on git-svn (5 minute quickstart)

Git seems to be all the rage these days, and, while I was quite reluctant at first, I am here to tell you that I definitely see what all the fuss is about. As a bit of intro, these are … Continue reading 

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Pro Tip: Don’t co-opt .net conventions for your own purposes

Right. So it turns out that the visual studio/.net convention of assembly.extension.config for config files is NOT to be used for your own devices outside of visual studio. Example: Today I made an app called whatever.client.exe. It needed to read … Continue reading 

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VMWare Fusion Shared Folders and Visual Studio Development

So today I had a bit of an adventure that I figured I would document for those of you that may run into this same thing and get just as frustrated as I was for many hours trying to make … Continue reading 

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Beginning Objective-C for the C# Guy

So my new language of the year is going to be Objective-C and Cocoa/CocoaTouch. This is actually a new language and a new IDE and a new platform and, well, everything. I’ve decided to document much of what I’m doing … Continue reading 

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On Teaching, Learning, and Being Honest With Ourselves

Preamble: I’m not an expert teacher or mentor. I practice all the time to get better. Much of what you are about to read comes from personal failings in this arena, as recently as a week ago. This is an … Continue reading 

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Pablo Welcomes Scott Densmore!

It is my pleasure to announce Scott Densmore as the newest Los Techie. Scott is a reformed Blue Badge with work in P&P and CodePlex in his credits, and, more importantly, brings some credibility to the Florida wing of LT … Continue reading 

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TDD Firestarter Wrapup

This weekend Sean Chambers and I put on a day-long testing workshop at Microsoft in Tampa, FL. I want to thank all the attendees for giving up their Saturday to come out and learn about testing. Special thanks to Joe … Continue reading 

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TDD Firestarter – Saturday, 1/17/09, Tampa, FL

This coming Saturaday, January 17, Sean Chambers and I, in conjunction with Microsoft, will be hosting a day-long set of workshops centered around testing. Admission is free, so come prepared to spend the day getting intimate with testing! The day … Continue reading 

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Creating a Culture of Responsibility

Shooting from the hip a little here, please to bear with me. Also, turned out a little lengthy. Sorry ’bout that. I hear a lot about (and talk a lot about) the idea of a culture of quality. This is, … Continue reading 

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