FluentMigrator getting started

I realized on the fluent migrator mailing list today that even though it’s been around for nearly two years, I’ve never written any blog posts describing what it is or example of how it works. There is some documentation with … Continue reading 

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Managing Wiki content

In the recent past we’ve setup a wiki in my organization, it is used by project managers and developers alike. As a result, we have had a surge of content placed onto the wiki without much organization or planning on … Continue reading 

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Feature Presentation

Over the past year I’ve taken an active role at my organization of the agile coach (albeit a pretty crappy one) and in my time there tightening up our processes and culture, one thing I’ve come to realize is there … Continue reading 

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Do Unto Others

There are many concepts that software development processes and management can learn from. Many of them we use for our technical engineering, others apply to processes and still more apply to the organization as a whole. But none come as … Continue reading 

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31 Days of Refactoring eBook

Back in August I did the 31 Days of Refactoring blog series. Fellow LosTechies as well as other community members urged me to convert the series into an eBook. I had intended to (really!), but Simone Chiaretta beat me to … Continue reading 

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Jacksonville Code Camp 2009

This past weekend Jacksonville Code Camp took place at University of North Florida campus in Jacksonville. The event was very well organized and donations also went to Goodson’s Children’s Hospital. There was a silent auction fundraiser after the code camp … Continue reading 

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31 Days of Refactoring Series complete!

Well, we have come to the end of the series. I hope everyone has found some value in the series. Some examples were extremely contrived and maybe not all that useful but hopefully someone can use them at some point. … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 31 : Replace conditional with Polymorphism

The last day of refactoring comes from Fowlers refactoring catalog and can be found here. This shows one of the foundations of Object Oriented Programming which is Polymorphism. The concept here is that in instances where you are doing checks … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 30 : Return ASAP

This topic actually came up during the Remove Arrowhead Antipattern refactoring. The refactoring introduces this as a side effect to remove the arrowhead. To eliminate the arrowhead you return as soon as possible. 1: public class Order 2: { 3: … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 29 : Remove Middle Man

Today’s refactoring comes from Fowler’s refactoring catalog and can be found here. Sometimes in code you may have a set of “Phantom” or “Ghost” classes. Fowler calls these “Middle Men”. Middle Men classes simply take calls and forward them on … Continue reading 

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