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A Brief History of Programming

In 1977, Bill Gates invented programming. Working closely with Steve Jobs, together they invented the SQL language (Steve being particularly responsible for the JOIN keyword).  That is a story for another blog post, however. In this blog post, I endeavor … Continue reading 

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A quick primer on .NET web frameworks

Update: Much to my embarrassment, I forgot to mention OpenRasta! I’ve received quite a few questions in the past months and year about web frameworks for .NET (some confusion around the difference between WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, FubuMVC, ASP.NET in general, … Continue reading 

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My other blog, and dealing with enterprise software, customizations, and upgrades

I have a few blog posts queued up that relate to the product I’m working on for my day job.  The blog posts are generally product-specific and so (I feel) aren’t appropriate for posting on this (my Los Techies) blog … Continue reading 

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Unstated Requirements

I was formulating some thoughts for a whitepaper today and I was talking about two different ways to accomplish a particular task. Both ways accomplished the task, but one of them was clearly better.  I pondered why, exactly, I thought … Continue reading 

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On Leadership…

I recently passed the two year mark in my first major/official role as a “manager” of anything.  I’ve been the lead of a team which now consists of 7 souls and I’ve learned (i.e. screwed up repeatedly and had the … Continue reading 

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Model Based Apps and Frameworks

Having been involved (mostly as a user or observer) with several recent applications and frameworks, I’ve come to the conclusion that building your app/framework on an internal model is generally the best way to go.  In this post I’ll explain … Continue reading 

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Composition versus Inheritance

One score (minus five) years ago, in the age of yore and of our programming forefathers, there was written a little book. A seminal book. A book that would change things. That book was called Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable … Continue reading 

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Thinking about sessions for Pablo’s Fiesta

We’ve been head’s down at Dovetail, so I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about Pablo’s Fiesta (shame!).  I’ve come up for air recently and I’m starting to get excited about it again.  Pablo’s Fiesta will be an “Open … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC Diagnostics

This post is about the FubuMVC framework. For more info on getting started, click the previous link, or view the Getting started wiki page. FubuMVC’s configuration model is a semantic model that is built up by an API.  This allows … Continue reading 

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