To Thine Own Self Be True

This post is both a rant and a bit of encouragement to any aspiring developers – this will not have code. Gabriel posted a rant earlier which sparked quite a few comments including a number from a fairly frustrated individual. … Continue reading 

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OO Do I Know Thee?

I was first introduced to the OO Programming Paradigm through JAVA in 1998.  Before that I did most of my work in C or shell scripts.  I liked it well enough but for business applications the paradigm felt wrong.  JAVA … Continue reading 

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Are you Mocking Me?

Jimmy has had a couple posts (mocks, mocks, and less mocks) that prompted Derick to post this on his experience with tests – I’d like to add my thoughts to mix.  First, let me say I’m not offering an answer … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Fiesta Preparation

I just posted our invitation to the upcoming Fiesta.  If you’re planning to attend I hope you’ll take a few minutes to prepare yourself so we all get the most out of the experience.  If you have registered and you … Continue reading 

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Los Techies Fiesta Invitation

Pablo’s Fiesta Invitation How do you define, improve, and celebrate Software Quality and Craftsmanship in yourself, your organization, and your community? Los Techies is searching for answers to these questions and we’ve invited you to join us to explore together. … Continue reading 

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Pragmatic Thinking and Learning – A Review

So, back in August (or was it September?) the members of Los Techies were offered a sweet deal from The Pragmatic Programmers – pick any book (free), read it, and write a review.  There were no strings attached so we … Continue reading 

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If You’re Looking for Nothin But .Net . . .

I attended JP’s Nothin But .Net course ( last week and I wanted to share my perspective with anyone who might be considering the course.  I really enjoyed the experience and I’d happily recommend the course . . . to … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Topic of the Month – May 2009 Edition

Have you ever read a blog post about TDD, Dependency Injection, or some other concept and thought, “Sounds great . . . if you work in an ivory tower, but I have to work with [insert your code-base here].”?  Or … Continue reading 

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Know Your Enemy

Is it too late to make resolutions?  Oh well, I’ll make one anyway. I was listening to Eric’s talk on getting a legacy system under control (e.g. under test) and he mentioned a saying I’ve heard so many times before … Continue reading 

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Hola Los Techies and Thanks!

I was thrilled to be invited to join the Los Techies community.  I’ve been a fan-boy for some time and this is going to be fun.  No code in this post, so I’ll be brief.  I’ll mostly be focusing on … Continue reading 

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